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The people who make the sound waves wave:

Dudzik - guitar
Dan - drums
Adam - bass
Carlos - viola

Andrew Dudzik - the fearless guitarist

It should be known that we don't have an Andrew in the band, only a Dudzik.
Dudzik is a Harper Memorial Knight, President of the Rock guild, and holds several positions.
His singing/songwriting skills act as a catalyst for our music and the man really rocks. He's been writing music for a long while now and couldn't seem to find an outlet.
Glad we got him before anyone else.

Dan Siakel - the man behind the kit

You may know Dan as that quiet, academic, studious .... dude you see in class or at the library.
What you really should know is Dan + Drum Kit = Rock O'Clock

This man holds down the beat like no other. He also pulls a crowd of ladies like no other. That's really why he's in the band ya see.

Adam Hubbell - bass master

and a master he is indeed. Adam comes from a long line of Harpooning Bass String Sailors that somehow landed their international vessel in St. Paul. Intriguing indeed.
Not only is Adam an exceptional Bass player but he was taught by Jesus. This is a true story that only Adam can tell.

He produces like a pro and rocks the bass like a true madman.... when he's not studying Math or Music of course.

Carlos Villarreal - violinist

Carlos is an odd bloke.
He fiddles like a violinist but violins like a fiddler.
In a rock band? Violin? Yes and no. Carlos is in a transitional stage. After failing at rock yodeling, he's attempting a somewhat more reasonable combination of 'random string instrument' rock.
He's wearing funny stuff huh? Don't worry, that's his normal garb.

Carlos will soon be playing a solid body electric mandolin *sounds just like an electric guitar*.
We're all excited about that and, of course, not needing to mic the violin.

His expression is "Did somebody say Wings night?"tm