cute new Virgin America feature

Another thing to add to the list of things I love about Virgin America: their website. This is their interface describing the connectivity amenities on board their planes:

You can see right up front which services are offered (electricity, USB for whatever the heck an airline passenger might need USB for, and ethernet which implies that you might even get internet on your flight).
Now that we’ve been shown the basics of what services we’ll have on-board, if we’re really curious about the details, the means of getting more info is obvious.

The cute plugging-in gimmick is intuitive. There’s no need for instructions because the sight of a pile of un-plugged-in cords automatically makes us want to plug them in. So that’s exactly what the user does. And it feels staisfying because, a) you get to drag cute little cartoony cords around the screen and plug them into their cartoony partner sockets, and b) the cords are fun to play with since their bendiness properties feel realistic.

(As an update, Virgin took this widget down. They consolidated the wifi info with their main list of stuff available onboard, like pills and $2 headphones. I can’t blame them, but the above widget was useful when looking for info about electrical outlets. I’m assuming they took it down because they’re no longer offering electricity onboard, and never got around to offering ethernet either.)

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