Sony’s $10 black earbuds vs. Apple’s $29 EarPods with volume & mic

Apple’s EarPods win. I was honestly surprised. I generally assume Apple has massive markups for their branded products, and, since they’re not historically an audio company, that their headphones wouldn’t be as good as good ol’ Sony. But when I plugged both models in back-to-back to my iPhone (playing the same song), the Apple EarPods honestly just blew the Sony earbuds out of the water. I’m not an acoustics expert, but the bass end of the spectrum was super impressive with the EarPods and basically absent with the Sonys. Overall sound might’ve been clearer with the EarPods too, but it was the bass range that really made it. Mad props, Apple. (I’ll keep covering the Apple earbuds with foam covers for a better fit though.)

(These are the EarPods I’m talking about, and these are the Sony earbuds.)

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